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Maison Louijane
Maison Louijane
The general conditions of stay in guest rooms at the Maison Louijane, marked clearly on the site are considered read and accepted at the time of booking confirmation of the rental by the subscriber. In addition they can be modified or improved without notice and will take effect from the renewal of their publication.

The rates per room per night and include breakfast for the occupants and the tax, they are not subject to VAT. The management reserves the right to change prices at any time without notice, the new rates apply to bookings being subsequent to the change.

The balance of the full accommodation will be made no later than the day before departure. A deposit of 30% of the cost of the stay is due upon reservation (for a stay of more than one night).

Payment by check payable to Ghislaine Poulin accepted, and bank transfers for which will be provided on request corresponding bank details. Room rentals are payable in Euro currency or equity market exchange of the day. Credit cards are not accepted.

Reservations are validated written confirmation by mail or email, stating the dates of your stay. Confirmed a stay is due, except upon presentation of medical justification or force majeure. In case of shortened stay, the entire reserved stay is due.

The length of stay determined at the time of booking confirmation, the owner commits to provide the leased property on the said period, the tenant's stay will in no circumstances invoke any right to remain in the places beyond the time allotted.

The owner leasing a part of his principal private residence as part of its business, reserves the right to terminate at any time to stay by the reimbursement of funds already committed without further compensation or justification.

The cancellation by the customer must be notified in writing (letter or email) at least 15 days before the arrival date, otherwise, the deposit will not be made. The arrival date the cancellation is automatic after 7:00 pm, in the absence of warning of late arrival.

Schedules to meet are also posted there. Rooms are available from 4:00 pm on day of arrival and are released before 11:00 am the day of departure. Breakfast is served in the veranda 8:30 to 10:30 am.

Changing room originally reserved by the customer, can occur for practical reasons or unforeseen. In this case, the cost of the reservation remains unchanged, but the customer can not claim any compensation.

Pets may be small, and conditionally accepted only after prior approval by the owner.

The rooms are non-smoking and any flame inside is prohibited.

The use of the premises requires respect for basic rules of etiquette that around both inside the property to ensure the tranquility of the place and the comfort of its occupants.

The customer agrees to make the rooms in perfect condition at the end of the stay, to declare and pay any damage financially possible he could be responsible.

Children operating within the property are the sole responsibility of their parents. Any accident due to lack of supervision of a minor could not be attributed to the owner.

The pool area is strictly reserved for relaxation and swimming. The safety instructions posted on the premises must be complied with. Management reserves the right to deny access to any offender.

The personal effects and other tenants are under their responsibility, in case of loss, theft or damage, the property owner can not be held responsible for whatever value.
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